Monday, January 24, 2011

newsday tuesday

After my big day (yesterday) getting my little boy off to school for the first time i am back in the studio early morning, busy like a bee making and creating tops and things for the village markets event which is being held sunday week at the burleigh primary school oval!
Lots of nautical style crop tops (because we loooove our nautical stuff!!), some lovely fitted singlets in all colours and styles, ZOMBIE tank tops yew! AND may have some awesome tattoo style aprons if i can get them done in time . . .. while we are on that subject does anyone know of a peep that makes screens for screen printing?? If so please share info i'm desperate to get a couple made it is just taking me way too long to draw each design onto the fabric!!
So as the sun shines i hope you have a beautiful day whatever you may be doing- i am leaving the blessid studio for some exciting time at my day job ha ha ha i guess you can detect my sarcasim
Much love . . . . xo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a new prized possession xo

i have for a while now been wanting a lovely lady to show my clothes off when i attend my market events and yesterday i found her!
Meet   ......................    (i haven't decided on a name yet, but it's coming) !
Isn't she just gorgeous with her stylish hair and eyeliner? She took my fancy standing with her friends in her shop i just HAD to have her, she cost me $95 but i think of it as an investment really. She'll be quite busy strutting her stuff in the latest denver gear and i have plans for her first outing to dress her in one of the new denver mackenzie 'tattoo style' aprons that i am working on at the moment :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

rain rain go away . . ..

As we hear the rain pour some more i'm getting back into denver routine, thank god!
Holidays are now over so we begin 2011 with a BANG! Feeling somewhat motivated to bring some sunshine into the studio i will have to do it by creating . . .
Here are some shots of what i've been working on the last few days, i call them material girl skirties + shorties, they are made from reloved denim shorts and skirts from my local op shops which i add little sayings, buttons, quirky fabrics and my artwork to - hope you like them, they will also be featured at the next Village Markets, Burleigh- 6th Feb

Friday, January 7, 2011

hello blogspot!

well . . . it was only the past couple of months that i have been thinking making my own blogspot for 'denver mackenzie' would be rather exciting and something fresh and new to add to my already exploding daily schedule! And here it is! Easy as that! I had so much fun creating it, also looking forward to adding my upcoming market dates and events jus have to figure out how to do it! ha
:) Have a great day