Monday, April 25, 2011

newsday tuesday!!

Wow! Newsday Tuesday time has come around so quickly again...... over the Easter break i've had loads of time to be extra creative and use my time well so a little pat on the back for me ha ha
What have you been working on over the Easter break?

While shopping on etsy i found these treasures that i thought i would share....

                                                             pink + black handbag!
I love anything pink and black so i went with this theme in my shopping off etsy....

                                                               sweetheart vintage apron

                                                      yew check out these hair extensions!

Just listed on my Etsy shop is the popular "i blame sibling rivalry" tank top. I've been working over the past nights and days in getting my shop looking better with more current designs- i only have one more to go to make 10 items but have a few more NEW designs i am working on as well so i will add those after they're finished so keep a lookout and i will post a link on here when done!

Today I am hoping to get my products listed up on the Young Republic website ready for the launch next week! How exciting : )

And yes!!! Tomorrow school is back in (as lovely as it is to have Will home it is lovely to see him go back to school!!) so i can get some much needed work done in the studio, preparing for 2 mega busy markets and 1 shop opening is hectic : / but i do love it

Til then... xo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

newsday tuesday

On this newsday tuesday segment (even tho it really is wednesday now sshhh...!)
looking forward to the GRAND opening of Young Republic in early May, i have a few things presenting
on the website so keep a look out and travel over to check it out, there's stuff from all over Oz so it's fresh and exciting!

Great news that my cute and quirky fashion label will be stocked in the new little retail store "Wonderland Boutique" which is in the beautiful Burleigh region of the Gold Coast!! Yippeee address to come it is all in the works atm!

Preparing for the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets this week as i make my debut on the 29th April  wish me luck i have heaps to do and also the YDM! on the sunday (1st May!) phew i'm sweating thinking about it, better get back to it!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's all in the name

Pandering in the studio this afternoon i was thinking about names of labels, brands, companies and i thought it is a really interesting subject. There's so much in a name, it can tell you what the brand is all about .. it can send different feelings to the observer and also be a really strong point in the face of the label or company.

When i started Denver Mackenzie (about january of 2007) i sat one day to think of a name for the label, i wanted it to be somewhat strange and diverse to represent that the labels look and culture.
This is where i tell you that my old nickname was Mackenzie and that i'm originally from Denver, right? Wrong. ha ha i wish i had a great story to tell you behind the creation of the name but it is simply just that, a creation of my imagination!
But, the Denver Mackenzie logo IS my own handwriting- i was in class (Graphic design college) and of course doing my own thing (what i have always done at school!) and doodling about in my sketch pad came up with the thread look, it really suits the label so i stuck with it.

So.... craft + arty  peeps where did you find the name of your brand and did it come about in a strange and peculiar way? Does it mean something to you? Is there a hidden message? Or did you just think of it out of nowhere land?
Love to hear your stories so please share.