Saturday, July 28, 2012

A new love

I have found a new love. Playmobil.
In short it is similar to Lego but better. Loads more characters and scenes to build without being too fiddly.
I particularly enjoy buying the surprise packs where you don't know what kind of playmo you are buying and when you open you have to build and find out, it's pretty exciting.

I had some quiet fun down the beach the other afternoon playing out a scene. Look below

Thursday, January 12, 2012

weasling my way back in....

well you could say i was gone but not forgotten yeah? 
Taking a well earned break i have restored my creativeness and getting back on track with some new ideas while delving into also unknown creative man's land with some new learned tricks!
I do hope you have been well while i have been away :)
While on my break i jetted off to the USA! This is where i took these snap shots (with my newest love the Pen E 3 olympus camera)
See what you think below....

New Orleans

Cocoa Beach, FL

Brooklyn Bridge, NY    

All photos are property of and subject to copyright law 2012- Denver Mackenzie/ Krystle Roberts