Thursday, July 28, 2011

behind the scenes

Venturing into some much needed 'behind the scenes' work at the moment.

Taking a well earned break from the usual markets (except the Arts Festival on the 20th here in downtown Redcliffe) denver mackenzie and i attend to gather my dreams and evaluate where i am heading with current apparel and fresh product, including some TWEED based men's wear

My illustration based range will be getting a lift with more variety such as- postcards, stickers, zines and notecards- using new artwork!! wowzers

i'm also delving into some rad little buttons that you can wear or buy for friends and even kids! cool

So stay tuned for updates, pics oh! and a competition coming up... yesssss

Monday, July 25, 2011

new loves.

While browsing through the interwebs trying to get back some inspiration lost while moving, i have discovered some 'new' loves and would like to share these with you if you're interested!
I can't get enough of Kirsten Lepore's films, she is greatly talented and if you have a look at her websy page you can watch the films under her 'films' tab ... my favourite is "Bottle".

Let me know what your favourite is too, i'd love to know.

Through Kirsten i also discovered David Wilson another fantasticly creative soul and you can view and enjoy his work here

It has given me some fresh inspiration, hope it works for you too or at least sends you some creative pleasure. 

Picture thankfully sourced from
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Friday, July 15, 2011

absolutely nothing

Well my apologies in not posting  a n y t h i n g   for ages i have been busy selling stuff, packing up, moving house, moving on and trying to get settled in a whole new town- pretty hard work ha ha but it's all good and i'm slowly coming together along with the set up of the house.

Today i revamped our new rental home's garden with heaps of lovely new plants

it looks loads better i think

And got some herbs underway in pots

i love to use fresh herbs in my cooking

when i can borrow a drill off a family bloke i will put these flowers in the planter boxes i scored from vinnies one day!

they will look rather pretty at our front door.

Tomorrow i will attempt to unpack the boxes of 'studio' stuff that pulls denver mackenzie miracles all together!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my baby wrote me a letter..

I love stationery. Always have. And stickers. Most of all i love japanese stationery sets and everytime i know someone is going there i put my order in and hope to death they come back with suitcases full! But you know what? I don't use it. I can't. I literally can't bring myself to do it, write on it. It's totally too precious and there is no one worthy enough to use it on ah ha ha doesn't that sound terrible :) 
Terrible but true !
So. I've always wanted to design my own and at the moment am focusing on that for a whole new upcoming range of illustrative products including ppppostcards [excitement]here's a sneeky of some getting printed right now!

Let me know what you think?