Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spring/ Summer Range from Denver Mackenzie

Stuck for something AWESOME to do this Friday night?
Wellll .... don't i have an event for you

Young Designers Night
Friday 2nd September
At Alhambra Lounge,
Fortitude Valley

Come and be part of the first to view the Spring/Summer range from Denver Mackenzie.
Street style that's simple yet impressive, i took an angle from the casual but conspicuous tweed days.

Other local and emerging designers include
TEDA & Zhou, Ox + Hammer, Wind and Water

Hope to see you there xx

Email me if you are interested and i can pop you on the VIP list

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celebrate The Arts Festival- Redcliffe

Celebrate The Arts Festival in Redcliffe !
There will be
  • Poets breakfast
  • Classic cars / Hot rod parade
  • Art workshops
  • 'Oliver' the Musical
  • Handmade & craft stalls
  • 50 paintings for sale
  • High tea picnic 
  • Roving entertainment on the grass
  • Jumping castle
  • Lots more...
  • ANNNNND a Denver Mackenzie stall with loads of new products like postcard packs, badges and some super cool new shirts for Women AND Men !!
Be sure to travel on down and have a looksie i'll be near the High Tea Picnic table which sounds like Alice in Wonderland kind of fun

xx Krystle

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kate Moss Design A Tee COMP.

A few weeks ago i spotted a link through frankie magazine announcing the Rimmel London Design A Tee Competition and so my creative juices got a flowing and i came up with this.......

With entries due tomorrow i sent mine through this morning - so hopefully i WIN !!! 
A little holiday and some design exposure would be verrrrry nice right now :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who did it?

Hey there friends.

Does anyone know what i've been up to the last 24 hours?

Weeell, i've been busy bee in the studio of course!
After finally rising from gale force head cold after a week or more i'm crazily trying to catch up on lost design activity.

The Ekka starts tomorrow *excitement* and this weekend is the Brisstyle I LOVE ETSY marketing session in the lovely Hamilton- will you be there with your notebook?

Next weekend; on the chirpy Saturday; I am holding a stall at Celebrate The Arts, Redcliffe
If you can come down i'm sure you will have a fab time, they are having all sorts of 'arty' entertainment and stalls. You can find out more here and make sure you come say hello at the Denver Mackenzie stall, i will be there selling my clothing range and heaps of other goodies like postcard packs and these....
Limited Edition button badges that tell *quite a damning story...

bad cat


lonely old motel

who did it?

the getaway swan

oh! and did i mention i have a surprise coming soon

Monday, August 1, 2011

a cat lady

yes i'll admit i'm a bit of a self confessed cat lady. I never thought much of cats while growing up til i endured a 'bad break up' in my late teens, as you do ha ha

Gussy being cheeky on the front porch

My friend and i went down to the local pet shop 'Pets Bizarre' in downtown Southport and picked up a couple of adorable black kittens and from then on me and Gussy (Or Gus is his proper name) were a team. That was way back in the year 2000 so Gus is now about 11 years old and still goin strong with not many grey hairs among his black fur.
We are truly the best of friends and don't know if anyone else's cat does this but he knows if i'm upset cos he comes and gives me a cuddle and a nudge. It's pretty neat

So my love of cats has brought me to quite a few design ideas of late, one including my entry into the Reverse garbage: Materialistic Exhibition 

The opening night will be held on Saturday September 10th @ 6pm
It should be a real hoot with drinkies, nibbles and entertainment yew AND you'll be able to have a geez at my entries, there's a whole stack of them!!

Have you any cat stories to share with me?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

behind the scenes

Venturing into some much needed 'behind the scenes' work at the moment.

Taking a well earned break from the usual markets (except the Arts Festival on the 20th here in downtown Redcliffe) denver mackenzie and i attend to gather my dreams and evaluate where i am heading with current apparel and fresh product, including some TWEED based men's wear

My illustration based range will be getting a lift with more variety such as- postcards, stickers, zines and notecards- using new artwork!! wowzers

i'm also delving into some rad little buttons that you can wear or buy for friends and even kids! cool

So stay tuned for updates, pics oh! and a competition coming up... yesssss

Monday, July 25, 2011

new loves.

While browsing through the interwebs trying to get back some inspiration lost while moving, i have discovered some 'new' loves and would like to share these with you if you're interested!
I can't get enough of Kirsten Lepore's films, she is greatly talented and if you have a look at her websy page you can watch the films under her 'films' tab ... my favourite is "Bottle".

Let me know what your favourite is too, i'd love to know.

Through Kirsten i also discovered David Wilson another fantasticly creative soul and you can view and enjoy his work here

It has given me some fresh inspiration, hope it works for you too or at least sends you some creative pleasure. 

Picture thankfully sourced from http://www.djstorm.wordpress.com/
and information from http://www.kirstenleopre.com/

Friday, July 15, 2011

absolutely nothing

Well my apologies in not posting  a n y t h i n g   for ages i have been busy selling stuff, packing up, moving house, moving on and trying to get settled in a whole new town- pretty hard work ha ha but it's all good and i'm slowly coming together along with the set up of the house.

Today i revamped our new rental home's garden with heaps of lovely new plants

it looks loads better i think

And got some herbs underway in pots

i love to use fresh herbs in my cooking

when i can borrow a drill off a family bloke i will put these flowers in the planter boxes i scored from vinnies one day!

they will look rather pretty at our front door.

Tomorrow i will attempt to unpack the boxes of 'studio' stuff that pulls denver mackenzie miracles all together!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my baby wrote me a letter..

I love stationery. Always have. And stickers. Most of all i love japanese stationery sets and everytime i know someone is going there i put my order in and hope to death they come back with suitcases full! But you know what? I don't use it. I can't. I literally can't bring myself to do it, write on it. It's totally too precious and there is no one worthy enough to use it on ah ha ha doesn't that sound terrible :) 
Terrible but true !
So. I've always wanted to design my own and at the moment am focusing on that for a whole new upcoming range of illustrative products including ppppostcards [excitement]here's a sneeky of some getting printed right now!

Let me know what you think?


Thursday, June 30, 2011

holiday; a day when one does not have to work

Krystle aka Denver is on a holiday.

Yep while Will is on school holidays i thought it'd be the perfect time to getaway from the madness of moving, mess and decision making at home and have a little holiday with my boy !

We are in Bowen, North Queensland which is a small town in between Airlie Beach [gateway to the beautiful Whitsunday's] and Townsville, which is probably most known for producing the yummiest mangoes in Australia.
Someone parked up outside the library

It seems every time i come to visit the pears [my parents] it is windy and raining and that can be very uncomfortable when they live on the sea [in a boat]! :/

Someone parked up out front of the pub

While here i'll be taking some great shots of the old buildings and surroundings and scrounging in the opportunity shops. 

And while lapping up some much needed rest i have brought along some felt craft to make denver mackenzie brooches for the Brisstyle Indie Designers Market held next weekend at Hamilton

Sunday, June 26, 2011

down on wilson st.

I often remember this saying "skate or die" i don't know maybe it was a brand?
Anyway i've been hangin out at the local skate park quite a lot lately because i take young Will down to rip it up on his scooter amongst the talented guys that also go there.
It's a great time for me to sit in peace and draw, although it's been rather chilly the last few times i've had to resort to the comfort of the cube.
I come up with new ideas and take a little bit of a different angle with my drawings when i'm in those surroundings so it suits me fine and if i'm lucky i get a perve on the older boys!! [smile] 
When i was there today i was compiling a list of my designs and illustrations to be printed on postcards, mini sticker books and hopefully some limited edition art prints - all under a new brand that i've been working on the past couple of months but that's just a clue so *sshhh* i'll tell you more when it get's closer!

So these older guys were trying to master a couple of moves [at a high price i might add, falling and rolling numerous times at the hands of the concrete] they were filming each other and it was a pretty neat scene so i drew my favourites haha
They mentioned Wilson St. mid conversation, maybe one of them lives there? The guy with the sunnies on was

 doing the filming and the other fellow was one of the 4 skaters- i quite fancied his whole modernised jesus look

Thursday, June 23, 2011

cardboard jungle

on my road trip to Caloundra and Redcliffe yesterday i was thinking how awesomely fun road trips are especially when u have good company and going somewhere nice or visiting someone special.

My company yesterday was unfortunately only google maps on my phone, my denver stock rack in the back and miami horror - pretty dismal to say the least ha! Buuuut some excitement came when i took wrong turns and got lost ha ha

I was venturing to the lovely Caloundra to stock a brand new shop opening tomorrow. Top spot right on the water it's called Frock fashion and located at Bulcock Beach just down from the main street.

Aaaand my reason for visiting Redcliffe...... i am moving! Having recently sold my house on the Gold Coast i feel it's time for a change of scenery and get away from the bustle of the city.

little felt mouse i found walking, he is a bit worse for wear but i like him

Trying to pack today is somewhat confusing not knowing what the hell to pack first cos i know i will need something as soon as it's put in a box!
Might leave the studio til last wow it has NEVER been packed up. Have lots of plans for the next denver mackenzie studio set up. It will be super organized and have a place for everything along with a new side project i have come up with stay tuned for a new illustration product webpage coming soon... probably more around July/ August eeek love a new idea!

x Have a grand day and think of me being swallowed up by a cardboard jungle

Monday, June 20, 2011

Newsday Tuesday !

Tuesday comes newsday from the Denver Studio....

I've been a busy busy bee out and about over the weekend- like i said in the last Newsday I was off to brush up my knowledge on trading at markets at the Brisstyle "Markets 101" info session at Racecourse Rd, Hamilton saturday morning. 
Although i've been doing markets for about 3-4 years now i feel there is never too much knowledge to be had and in saying this it was a great session to pick up a couple of tips and meet some grand new people and share my market experience with them.
After scoffing enough delectable sweets to last me a lifetime i toddled off in the cube over to West End and had a bit of a wander .  .  .  . ..

Here [in west end] i gave money to a busker, ate a yummy kebab, saw some street happenings [drunk man with pants down getting taken away by the police is always great entertainment i say] checked out the Yard Sale at Nook and chatted with Jay in Cadillac Barbie about what we can do to wicked my hair up in the near future!

Sunday had a lovely but icy cold quiet day at the Marky Markets. Buuuuut on a positive note i don't have to madly make any more stock!! hehe 

News on the Market front and Retail Stores:

* Upcoming stall  JULY 9TH  at Brisstyle Indie Designers Market, St. Augustine's Church, Hamilton  

* Upcoming stall AUGUST 20TH  at "Celebrate The Arts"  Downs Street, Redcliffe

* Stocking NEW retail store  "f.rock"  Bulcock Beach, Caloundra this week and  
   Launch party on the 22nd July, please email me for details at krystle@denvermackenzie.com.au  if you would like to join me on the night x

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alas! Shopping online is a crime

Shopping online a crime? Who said? Not me that's for sure. I've always had a thing for black leather driving gloves i think they're so classy and opulent. So i had a looksie and these are my favourites today:

Victorian Crochet Gloves from Icelandia

Knitted fingerless gloves by RememberAday

Driving Gloves from Icelandia

This morning i am doing a bit of a catch up and getting some designs drawn for the hoodies ready for the markets this weekend, i've been up since 4am cos i couldn't sleep- darn brain just keeps tick tick tickin away ha
Also drawing some way cool Roller Derby designs for some tee's also available this weekend, i love drawing these designs so it will be great to have them on show.
Mrs. D is making bread (with the help of my trusty breadmaker) for the preppies today so i'm going up for afternoon tea :)
What are you up to today?


Monday, June 13, 2011

Newsday Tuesday !

Since last week i have had some thought on creating some new product for my market stall other than rad clothing... after lots of great reading, brainstorming and searching through the interwebs i have decided to play with felt and make some cute denver brooches here's some sketch pics of what i might like to create:

I also found this tutorial from the Bugs and Fishes blog with great tips on cutting and shape placement, check it out- make- a - felt brooch

While on the lookout of my studio window (mainly daydreaming while supposed to be working) i was wondering if i can make purses too, little coin purses with denver print/ illustration material? What do you think? I'd like to use a nice silver clasp any ideas where i can get these?

I was hoping this weekend i could go to the workshop that crazy kid Teneale from Wicked Child Designs is holding at the Capalaba Library.
She is teaching how to make your very own UFO pin cushion. Wowzers! Although i have made pin cushions before, i thought it would be a great little day to see some happy crafty faces and have a little K time :) .... BUUUUUT i forgot i already registered for the Brisstyle Markets 101 info sesh! haha Damn me and my double-booking myself

Hey! Yesterday afternoon i was having abit of a play and i came up with this scarf, it's totally 'world lovin' because i made it from the scrap fabric leftover from making the jumpers whoop whoop!

Then..... on Sunday i'm off to the Marky Markets in West End, come pay me a visit i'll be there from 11-4!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let's Go Shopping!

In honour of Queenie's Birthday today I have participated in the weekly Brisstyle "Let's Go Shopping" meme. I have a sneeking suspicion it's supposed to be done on saturday but heck who cares I want to celebrate! 

Digital Image by Graphique

Queen Of Hearts vial necklace by TheSpangledMaker

Royal Highness Pillow by Designer Cushions
Union Jack tee by SoYouThinkYouCanRock

Happy Birthday to you Queen Mother, All the best x o

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Good morning to you on this lovely Friday and boy isn't it another chilly one i am wearing my adorable throw which i picked up at a local opportunity shop in Western Australia when i lived there a year or two ago- what a bargain at only six dollars

Yesterday i picked up these cute little mitten gloves i could not resist and why would i? They are very useful in this chill

total cuteness with benefit

The last couple of weeks i have been wearing my grandmother; Margaret Gardner's, exquisite collection of brooches and jewellery. She left them to me when she passed away and although i have had them in my possession for some time i have always been a little reserved in wearing them in fear of losing or damaging them in some way.
Lately i have stepped out of that comfort zone and indulged in the beauty of the aged pieces by dressing quite on the contrary and including the cameo brooch and ring as accessories. I always wear her signature ring on my right hand which i have always loved, it looks so classic in it's style, shape and colour of gold.

Margaret's collection

Her brooches are one of a kind and dad told me she used to go bird watching, which is wear she collected the little blue and white badge- it says on it Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society NZ-Member. I wonder if she wore that black and white name badge too?

It's a shame that grandparents leave us early on, there's so much to learn from them
Happy Friday! :)x o

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wednesday chilly willy!

Greetings Earthlings!

Hope this fine wednesday has you howling like a crazy werewolf- why you say? Cos it's bloody freezing ha ha
Reporting on the weekends markets I was at the Young designers market, Southbank on sunday and wasn't it a chilly one! Lucky i had "Sloppy Greg's" , designer hoodies and lovely handmade long sleeves for the folk to snap up, which they did!
Long sleeve top with white ribbing on cuff

Long sleeve pinky burglar with white ribbing on cuff

Grey naughty burglar Sloppy Greg

I'm delighted to tell you i will be holding a stall at the next Marky Markets June 19th!
I haven't been before but they sound really good. It's held at Vinyl at the Hi Fi 125 Boundary St, West End. There's a bar there so you can sip on a bevvie as you walk around and look at the stalls with clothes Inc Denver Mackenzie, records, books, shoes, fabrics and crafts and listen to the live music from 1pm... will let you know next week what delights i will be featuring there.

Vinyl, West End

The next Brisstyle Indie Designers Market has been scheduled for the 9th July and whoopedy doo Denver Mackenzie will be there with a stall of handmade and hand drawn goodness.

Also will be running a lovely littlecompetition soon so stay tuned for details! :) Have a great werewolf kind of day! x

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Late (Adj) After the normal or expected time

Hey there Everybody!
Down in the depths of the Denver studio i have been busy busy busy creating new and wonderful things so this let's me introduce to you a lovely little lady.....
Introducing Miss V

This is Miss V my new character. I had a bit of a time trying to name her. You see when i named 'Plumb man', my other character, it automatically came from the meaning of the word plumb (to understand something obscure) which is the slogan for Denver Mackenzie going along with the whole quirky theme of the label.
I wanted her to be somewhat of a sweet little lady to coax plumb man out of his wicked ways but the name was not to be too 'human like' if u know wht i mean?! o the V stands for Vanilla- being sweet and everybody likes the smell of it, don't you?

While sewing the first tee she will be featured on i have been using a nice soft interlock and yesterday i ran into a bit of trouble with the needle and foot wanting to eat it all up (the sewing thread moving l over the place and crunching through the material) so came the need to UNPICK, i don't know anyone who likes unpicking their sewing so i headed to the Nicole Mallalieu Design - Tips and Tutorials website and got some great tips from her quick unpick section. She is a real smarty pants i must ad ha ha but very very helpful in sewing matters. This is the tee finished

The Miss V tee

Moving on i have the YDM at Southbank this weekend (Sunday) ad looking forward to displaying and getting some feedback on the 'Sloppy Greg's'- had a great response from the Brisstyle marketeers and customers last friday night in KGS selling nearly all the stock i had made!
(my stall set up at the BiTM)

The Sloppy Greg's above ! This weekend i will have some pink and grey one's (might do a nice little gingham elbow patch on the pink instead of leather)  
And if i get all those sewed up in time will be doing some illustrated tote bags featuring  Miss V and Plumb man.
Happy Thursday! xo