Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tattoo style designer apron

Handmade AND illustrated from the denver studio i present the tattoo apron . . . . .

It is also reversible! Wowzers
Exclusive to denver mackenzie and available at this weekends Young Designers Market xo!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

newsday tuesday

Another week has come around and like everyone else i think these weeks are flying past quicker than ever!
Have a bit of a tattoo thing goin on in the denver studio the past days/ weeks so i've whipped up a couple of pin cushions, you can find these lovely treasures at the YDM this sunday at little stanley street, Southbank...

Nearly finished the (handmade and illustrated of course) tattoo style apron i have procrastinated over since i 1st mentioned it about a month or two ago!!! It's looking great but has taken me so long i'm now unsure if i want it for sale! he he will post a pic tomorrow

Over the next couple of weeks I am also planning and preparing my finders keepers application. Researching how to take good photographs is super handy for me in learning more about displaying my work to it's advantage, i'm sure to have a better chance than previous applications, but still so much competition i'm up against we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed! eeek!

You'll be pleasantly excited to hear that Plumb man and i will be present at a lot more local markets this year, wanting to expand my horizons i have been busy getting in touch with marketeers all around the Gold Coast and Brissy area these include the wonderful BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets, trendy Kerbside Laneway, West end, vintage + jumble fashion The Village Markets, YDM and Byron and Burleigh- hurrah!
Til then... sweet and colourful dreams crafty ladies...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's Go Shopping!

Everyone looooves finding super cool and cute items so i couldn't resist being a part of the BrisStyle's Let's go shopping treat!
Here's some goodies i found on . . . .i have a bit of a thing for Alice in wonderland so this awesome piece of artwork is pretty fine . . . . also producing yet more great artwork is.  ..

you'd look hot on my yacht - Greeting card by Able and Game

ZOMBIE RESPONSE VEHICLE car licence plate decal- By Sticker X Who doesn't need one of these?

a pair of USSR retro eye glasses- Vintage item by Isantiik

Pretty in ink Love Paperie a garland of handcut hearts by paper polaroid, definately on my wish list!

I love japan and everything about it, Feeling the love i found this awesomely cute button badge, the maker is donating all profit to their earthquake appeal, great to hear i love japan badge by theartfulbadger

And for more fine and dandy "Let's Go Shopping" goodies head to BrisStyle's blog  . . . til then xo

newsday tuesday

Newsday Tuesday and how a lovely day it's been.. I always feel super creative when i'm at work sitting at my desk i try and sneekily draw pictures and jot ideas in my diary so a lot of the time i have a list of 101 things to do for when i get home. 1 of these today's- to-do- ideas was to finish applying for the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market on April 29th at King George Square, Brisbane. Now that i'm a cute little crafty member of the lovely market ladies i'm the happiest little vegemite you've ever seen!
2nd thing on my list was to draw and sew some more tattoo style aprons ... also something i been thinking is pretty good lately is paper hats and aeroplanes, i don't know why? maybe feeling a little nostalgic? whatever it is i like them. i think they're cool and if you want to get making one i found the secret instructions right here
Another thing on the super constructive to do list was to add some descriptive words to my market curtain to explain what i do, for instance 'unique, handmade & illustrated fashion label'  or something of the like but i didn't get to do this one BECAAAAUSE.. 
i was so captured watching my little Will running and jumping (in his transformer suit) kicking, heyaa-ing, swording in the air, riding his skateboard down the hill and coming back up again and again and again. A child that thinks only of THAT MINUTE in time, it reinforced my belief that children are a breath of fresh air when life gets serious they can show you how to enjoy it again so simply doing what you love and enjoying it and that's when i drew this little picture,
watching Will being Will it made me think that everyone should have at least one time in their day to do what they love, what makes them happy and feel content, to forget the worries of our day and just be us or me.
So thanks Will
i love you xo