Monday, February 21, 2011

fine + dandy

So, as part of my vision writing exercise (i'm doing this because i'm reading a really good book about going it alone in business!) i have been instructed to develop a "research and development" plan on a regular basis, i think this means that i should research other brands or find inspiration from somewhere?? i think? Anyway... quite hard to do when my daily/ nightly activites are on a so- all- over- the- place- all- the- time basis lol getting back to what i was saying for inspiration i often look at what other brands are doing to get the creative juices flowing fresh and have found a couple of cute things i would like to share.....
these babooshka dolls are totally awesome and handmade here on the goldie  check out the rest of them at the etsy shop...

who doesn't like hand knitted finger puppets? sooo cute....and oops there's ,more go to

laltely i have also been into buying headbands so when i saw these i screamed with delight ha ha

Now that i have ventured into the "research" part i shall have a go at the "development" part... hmm.... any ideas people??
: /

Monday, February 14, 2011

better late than never

A little bit late with my report on the village markets but better than never i guess..
Was a swelter of a day, so muggy i think my poor top was saturated within minutes of arrival and set up!!
Found some great little stalls of loveliness... Anna Carey is a cool and crafty digital artist who makes little models of houses, apartments or hotels, whichever she takes a liking too and then magically photographs them, this one is called 'daydream'.....

I had special little bookmarks which i gave with every denver purchase....

And checked out the most awesomest vintage caravan you will ever see... this pic is from the inside and it is so cute you just want to sit with your girlfriends and play dolls and drink tea ... x

One of my newest editions to the handmade & illustrated range was the 'Alice drink me' tank top, it was a hit selling the one and only i had with an order to make another, it is my favourite at the moment too getting inspiration from one of my favourite tales it is mystical and quirky jus what we like in denver mackenzie fashion!

All in all it was a great market day xo

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


TVM= The Village Markets

This weekend i am attending the local art, designer, vintage and jumble fashion market held at Burleigh State School oval on the Gold Coast.
There will be 60 stalls of goodness this sunday so you should come and check it out and bring your spending $$$

There will be coffee by Grind It Daily and a BBQ by the schools P&C lovelies!
I will be selling TVM CANVAS BAGS at my stall along with my current summer collection of tank tops, crops, dresses, tee's, reloved material girl skirties and shorties AND baby denver singlets.... All handmade and illustrated xo

Something really exciting is the "Best Looking Stall Competition" but somehow with the most awesome retro caravan i have ever seen, which i have posted below, i don't think any of us will have a chance!!!!

Much love..... xo