Thursday, July 4, 2013


Hello friends!
I haven't blogged for a while as you can see and i feel terrible! In the later half of 2012 i spent sometime thinking about a career path where i could practically use and enjoy my love for craft, sewing, drawing, designing and cooking and still earn good dollars. So after some good old thought and discussion with people in the know, I decided to embark on university study in secondary teaching, specialising in  the areas of Home Economics, Hospitality and English! Wowzers! And what a ride it is. So far i have successfully completed Term 1 (sigh). Moreover, as a result of full time study i have had to push the fashion label aside for a while. Hopefully i can manage to do a market here and there and maybe find a retail outlet, as i still have loads of stock for sale.

In this term of UNI i have enrolled in the course "managing elearning". This will teach me to incorporate the latest  ICT tools into my teaching, which i am going to try out through this blog. From previous blogging i do know a couple of things like how to insert pictures, highlight text to link it to other websites but at the moment struggling to remember how i actually do it haha.....

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A new love

I have found a new love. Playmobil.
In short it is similar to Lego but better. Loads more characters and scenes to build without being too fiddly.
I particularly enjoy buying the surprise packs where you don't know what kind of playmo you are buying and when you open you have to build and find out, it's pretty exciting.

I had some quiet fun down the beach the other afternoon playing out a scene. Look below

Thursday, January 12, 2012

weasling my way back in....

well you could say i was gone but not forgotten yeah? 
Taking a well earned break i have restored my creativeness and getting back on track with some new ideas while delving into also unknown creative man's land with some new learned tricks!
I do hope you have been well while i have been away :)
While on my break i jetted off to the USA! This is where i took these snap shots (with my newest love the Pen E 3 olympus camera)
See what you think below....

New Orleans

Cocoa Beach, FL

Brooklyn Bridge, NY    

All photos are property of and subject to copyright law 2012- Denver Mackenzie/ Krystle Roberts

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spring/ Summer Range from Denver Mackenzie

Stuck for something AWESOME to do this Friday night?
Wellll .... don't i have an event for you

Young Designers Night
Friday 2nd September
At Alhambra Lounge,
Fortitude Valley

Come and be part of the first to view the Spring/Summer range from Denver Mackenzie.
Street style that's simple yet impressive, i took an angle from the casual but conspicuous tweed days.

Other local and emerging designers include
TEDA & Zhou, Ox + Hammer, Wind and Water

Hope to see you there xx

Email me if you are interested and i can pop you on the VIP list

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celebrate The Arts Festival- Redcliffe

Celebrate The Arts Festival in Redcliffe !
There will be
  • Poets breakfast
  • Classic cars / Hot rod parade
  • Art workshops
  • 'Oliver' the Musical
  • Handmade & craft stalls
  • 50 paintings for sale
  • High tea picnic 
  • Roving entertainment on the grass
  • Jumping castle
  • Lots more...
  • ANNNNND a Denver Mackenzie stall with loads of new products like postcard packs, badges and some super cool new shirts for Women AND Men !!
Be sure to travel on down and have a looksie i'll be near the High Tea Picnic table which sounds like Alice in Wonderland kind of fun

xx Krystle

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kate Moss Design A Tee COMP.

A few weeks ago i spotted a link through frankie magazine announcing the Rimmel London Design A Tee Competition and so my creative juices got a flowing and i came up with this.......

With entries due tomorrow i sent mine through this morning - so hopefully i WIN !!! 
A little holiday and some design exposure would be verrrrry nice right now :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who did it?

Hey there friends.

Does anyone know what i've been up to the last 24 hours?

Weeell, i've been busy bee in the studio of course!
After finally rising from gale force head cold after a week or more i'm crazily trying to catch up on lost design activity.

The Ekka starts tomorrow *excitement* and this weekend is the Brisstyle I LOVE ETSY marketing session in the lovely Hamilton- will you be there with your notebook?

Next weekend; on the chirpy Saturday; I am holding a stall at Celebrate The Arts, Redcliffe
If you can come down i'm sure you will have a fab time, they are having all sorts of 'arty' entertainment and stalls. You can find out more here and make sure you come say hello at the Denver Mackenzie stall, i will be there selling my clothing range and heaps of other goodies like postcard packs and these....
Limited Edition button badges that tell *quite a damning story...

bad cat


lonely old motel

who did it?

the getaway swan

oh! and did i mention i have a surprise coming soon