Thursday, July 4, 2013


Hello friends!
I haven't blogged for a while as you can see and i feel terrible! In the later half of 2012 i spent sometime thinking about a career path where i could practically use and enjoy my love for craft, sewing, drawing, designing and cooking and still earn good dollars. So after some good old thought and discussion with people in the know, I decided to embark on university study in secondary teaching, specialising in  the areas of Home Economics, Hospitality and English! Wowzers! And what a ride it is. So far i have successfully completed Term 1 (sigh). Moreover, as a result of full time study i have had to push the fashion label aside for a while. Hopefully i can manage to do a market here and there and maybe find a retail outlet, as i still have loads of stock for sale.

In this term of UNI i have enrolled in the course "managing elearning". This will teach me to incorporate the latest  ICT tools into my teaching, which i am going to try out through this blog. From previous blogging i do know a couple of things like how to insert pictures, highlight text to link it to other websites but at the moment struggling to remember how i actually do it haha.....


  1. Hi Krystal, glad you already know about blogging and have made a start for your MeL blog.

  2. Great blog and love your passion to go into high school teaching with what you are good at. Cheers