Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who did it?

Hey there friends.

Does anyone know what i've been up to the last 24 hours?

Weeell, i've been busy bee in the studio of course!
After finally rising from gale force head cold after a week or more i'm crazily trying to catch up on lost design activity.

The Ekka starts tomorrow *excitement* and this weekend is the Brisstyle I LOVE ETSY marketing session in the lovely Hamilton- will you be there with your notebook?

Next weekend; on the chirpy Saturday; I am holding a stall at Celebrate The Arts, Redcliffe
If you can come down i'm sure you will have a fab time, they are having all sorts of 'arty' entertainment and stalls. You can find out more here and make sure you come say hello at the Denver Mackenzie stall, i will be there selling my clothing range and heaps of other goodies like postcard packs and these....
Limited Edition button badges that tell *quite a damning story...

bad cat


lonely old motel

who did it?

the getaway swan

oh! and did i mention i have a surprise coming soon

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